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University of Missouri Track and Field Camps

Missouri Track and Field Camps

Track and Field Camp

The University of Missouri Track and Field Camp will include a fun, educational experience to teach athletes about the physical and mental aspects of track and field to prepare for a successful upcoming season.

Track and Field Camp
July 14th - 17th

Ages: Grades 6-12
Cost: Individual - $ 325
Commuter - $275,
Team - $275
(Min. 5 athletes from same school)
Coaches- $200

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Check-In: Sunday, July 14th from 4:30-6:00 pm
Check-Out: Wednesday, July 17th at 11:00 am

Missouri Track and Field Camp Offers: Physiological Basis of Conditioning, Sport Psychology, Running Mechanics, Race Preparation, Injury Prevention, Weight Training for Endurance, High Performance Nutrition, Flexibility Warm-up and Core Routines

Room and Board: Campers will be housed in a residence hall at the University of Missouri. Campers will be strictly supervised at all times by coaches and counselors. All meals will be provided by the camp. Campers who do not specifically request a roommate will be assigned one at camp registration.

Coaching Staff

Questions:  Contact: Krishna Lee, Phone:573-882-6903, Email: LeeKrish@Missouri.Edu

Camps are open to any and all entrants limited only by age, grade level, and camp size.